Sonja Grace

Sonja Grace
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Aliens – Demi-Gods – Humans
Cosmic Connection

Sunday, February 9th – 6:00pm - 7:30pm – Los Angeles B

Award winning author and mystic healer Sonja Grace shares her in-depth understanding of The Cosmic Connection between humans, aliens and demi- gods. She will talk about her encounters with the unseen world and how the Norse Gods instructed her to create ‘Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle’. Sonja will help you to learn how to protect yourself as well as energetic alignment for manifestation.

  • Learn what the cosmic connection is between aliens, humans and Demi- Gods
  • Experience Sonja’s signature grounding meditation and higher frequencies
  • Uncover and release emotional wounds and align your energy for manifestation

Award winning author, mystic healer Sonja Grace is an energy surgeon who works long distance with clients around the world. Sonja has appeared on GAIA TV’s Great Minds, Ancient Civilizations and Beyond Belief with George Noory, and ‘Coast to Coast AM’. Her new oracle is ‘Odin and the Nine Realms’.

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