Siobhan Nicolaou Book Awards 2023


The Absence of Evil, Love's Reclamation of the Soul


The Absence of Evil, Love's Reclamation of the Soul

A psychological and metaphysical memoir, Siobhan's quest to discover light within all of her takes you running down an adventurous path to self-love and transformation. Siobhan leaves no stone unturned in her soul's reflection. Siobhan writes: “My mind began decoding evil, able to experience darkness as the love it really is. It’s only in the condition of non resistance you find love, and only in love that you find the absence of evil.”

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Siobhan Nicolaou CHLC, CHT is a Published Author, a Medium for Spirit, Metaphysician, and Master Alchemist. She has been cultured extensively for 33 years through her personal experience and transformation to become an expert in the field of  Emotional Energy Transformation in humans and in homes.