Shingo Ryu

Shingo Ryu
Free Workshop
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Your RYU Dragon Activation

Friday, February 9th - 8:00pm - 9:30pm - Room: Marina

Every one of you has your own dragons with you but do you know what is the RYU dragon energy? Normally you wouldn’t realize that in your daily life.

Today, SHINGO will show you ‘Your RYU dragon activation’. The dragon activation is not so diffi cult but we need a small trigger to awaken your original power and then you can see renewed yourself for an instance.

Just a tiny cue enhances you to your new life as ‘dragon wizard’.

 Once you attached the Ryu dragon, you realize straight way how powerful it is and you feel it’s with you all the time since then.

SHINGO RYU - a Japanese author, spiritual dragon energy activator

SHINGO has been mainly presenting the Ryu dragon energy live performance for years. Recently SHINGO has presented the dragon workshops at ‘Avatars Of The Earth Gathering’ in Mt Shasta with TRACEY ASH and Wisdom Light int’l Healing Expo in Beijing and the global Lightworkers started calling him“Grand General of Dragon”.