Saturday Seminar Series


On the second Saturday of each month (March - November) we will be conducting all-day seminars on some of our favorite subjects. Watch as we develop each seminar with the most current and noteworthy speakers and facilitators. 


April 16          Healing and Healers

Join us for a day of health and healing. Affirm your health and well-being in this one-day intensive healing seminar. Get personal attention from the speakers. Learn new healing modalities. Connect with the healing community. We are al healers..


May 14            Death, Birth, and Everything in Between

What happens when we die?  Join us as we take a deep dive into the near death experience, reincarnation and the journey a soul takes from one place to the next. Learn from our speakers and share your own experiences.


June 11            Channeling Roundtable



July 16             Prosperity Modeling

 What is Prosperity?  What does it mean to you?   Join us as we discover and create a model for true prosperity.  Learn how to diagram your life and experiences into a new dynamic plan for a prosperous New You.


August 13         Seance (limited seating)

What awaits us on the other side?  Can we communicate with those who have crossed over?   Join us for an evening of contacting the other side to answer your questions and revisit with those we have lost.  We will conduct multiple experiments and give everyone a chance to participate.  Space is limited.


September 10    Parapsychism



October 15        Aliens Among Us


We have been searching the Heavens for signs of intelligent life, but could they have been here all along.  Join us as we explore the possibility that not only are we not alone in the Universe but beings from other planets are here, living amongst us in plain site.  Our team of experts discuss these ideas and more.