Scott Wolter Book Awards 2023


Cryptic Code of the Templars in America


Cryptic Code of the Templars in America

This book explores scientific findings of artifacts and documents that prove a vastly different story of North American history than we were taught. They reveal the medieval Knights Templar sought sanctuary from persecution by the Church and monarchs of Europe here and created their Free Templar State fulfilling their Covenant with the Goddess. Read how Wolter examined the Kensington Rune stone, and its symbolic Hooked X rune, their land claim.

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Scott F. Wolter, host of History's "America Unearthed," is a forensic geologist and Freemason, has performed thousands of petrographic investigations including on the Pentagon's re damaged concrete after 9/11. He also uses his scientific skills to investigate artifacts and sites that have been dismissed as frauds to reveal their truths.