Samuel Kiwasz 2022 - Conscious Life Expo
Samuel Kiwasz 2022
Free Workshop
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this Free Workshop
Samuel Kiwasz
Sacred Geometry

Friday, February 4th | 4pm-5:30pm | Room: Los Angeles A

This workshop is my way of sharing the wonderment of creation through the beatific art and homogeneous progression of Sacred Geometry. There is a Circle of Life in the Universe where one dimension of creation leads to the formation of another. This innate order of things is the way everything tends to unfold in its inherent order. When we begin to understand the synchronicity of how Divine Intelligence maintains homeostasis in all things, we start to gain a greater appreciation for the Oneness and Interconnection of the Galactic environment we live in. Come and dive deeply into your inherent nature.


Since the early 1970's when Samuel Kiwasz first discovered the joy of being on the Spiritual Path, he has dedicated himself to being a catalyst for humanities upliftment through higher education. He was a middle school teacher for LAUSD for 22 years, and took early retirement to become a Social Entrepreneur, Community Synergist , and Sacred Geometry specialist

Samuel also has three other websites for distributing products that help raise peoples’ vibrational frequencies:  and