Rob Potter

Rob Potter
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Film of Venusian Interview

Saturday, February 8th -- 8pm - 8:45pm -- Room: Century B


In this first-ever exclusive Venusian message/contact to the public from Venusian  Commander Aura Rahnes, you will see Rob’s recorded 8 questions answered by a Female Venusian Commander. Raymond helped arrange this real/meeting and will be with Rob to answer your questions. We will hear directly from The Venusian Hierarchy of Light their message of love & hope for the people of earth.

This talk will present the first-ever real filmed interview with a Venusian Representative to the public from ANY Extraterrestrial Civilization. The interview is with Female Venusian Moon Base Commander Aura Rhanes. Watch Rob’s Video of 8 questions answered with Aura Rhanes & her message of love & hope for the people of earth. Rob Will also demonstrate his advanced Pyramid Systems. 

Rob has been having real face to face contact with our friends from Venus and the Pleiades since the age of 16. His encounters continue to this day. As an expert in  Pyramids, he sells Pleiadean Technology & Jewelry at Booth 204 in the International Ballroom.