Rion De'Rouen and Alexander Mazzone

Rion De'Rouen and Alexander Mazzone
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Breaking Down the Dimensions

Saturday, February 8th -- 7pm - 7:45pm -- Room: Century D


Each Dimensional Reality operates in a certain bandwidth of frequency. By understanding how these bandwidths are created, what vibrations they occur in, and which aspects of self exist in these higher dimensions, you can then begin to master the fullness of your energy. Thus, becoming a more viable co-creator of your Reality.

Rion’s Third Eye activation in 2009 allows him to see beyond 3D Reality and serve as a Galactic Ambassador on Earth.  


Alexander is a 6th generation Reiki Master, Advanced Tarot Teacher, and Soul Retrieval Shaman. 


Visit Rion De'Rouen and Alexander Mazzone in booth 87 in the International Ballroom