Rev Dame Merit Mayati - Workshop 2022, Expo Date, Free Lecture
Rev Dame Merit Mayati 2022
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this lecture
Rev. Dame Merit Mayati
Psychic Kindergarten

Saturday, February 5th | 1:00pm-1:45pm | Room: Century B
Psychic kindergarten is a vast exploration into your clairvoyant abilities. Well-suited for the beginner or advanced Psychic, have fun with your inner child in a room full of people led by master instructor Reverend Dame Merit Mayati.
Rev. Dame Merit Mayati is Founder of The Bringers of the Dawn Clairvoyant Institute and master instructor of the world’s most powerful techniques for erasing old patterns. She is a full-time counselor who transforms the lives of even the most hopeless.