Ravi Ratan Book Awards 2023


Journey Through the Chakras


Journey Through the Chakras

Journey Through Chakras take you through various stages of life, through Chakra development. The book draws in Tantra perspective and gives understanding of Chakras, how they form and the movement of energy through Nadis (channels of energy), what each Chakra represent, how various elements and (Gunas-property of the being) associated. It also explains which mental & emotional state affects which Chakra, effect on endocrine glands and ultimately the process of disease and Chakra healing modalities.

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Dr. Ravi Ratan, a Clinical Aromatherapist and Healer from India and co author of the book Dr. Minoo Ratan is a practicing Psycho-aromatherapist in Mumbai. Both have studied about Chakras, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini yoga with various masters and gurus. They incorporate their understanding of Chakras in their healing work.