Raven Shamballa

Raven Shamballa
Free Lecture
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Astral Adventures in the 5th Dimension

Sunday, February 9th - 8pm - 8:45pm – Room: Century C


Raven works along-side the Ascended Masters, the Lords of Karma, the Guardians and the Archangels and tells stories about the spiritual war that is occurring on Earth and in the 5th dimension. Raven shares about how she came to write her book the 100 Chakra System and how the Ascended Masters recruited her to participate in a spiritual war.

Raven Shamballa is a Master Energy Healer, a psychotherapist, a professional channel and has authored four books. Raven helps people clear depression, anxiety, and a host of other psychological issues. Raven channels different astral beings and gives insight to astral worlds and galactics that are assisting us.  Visit Raven Shamballa in booth #P28 in the Plaza Ballroom.