Prosperity Basics: Construct of Abundance

Prosperity Basics: Construct of Abundance
Two-Hours and Forty Five Minutes Theme Segment
We have been (mis)taught that the spiritual person leads a life of simplicity and poverty while the greedy and selfish live lives of pleasure and affluence. Of course, this is not always true but we, as a culture, have created a mental construct that largely supports that assumption. How can we change that model for ourselves and for our culture?
Richard Greene, Monique Guild and Gail Thackray
in 55 minutes presentation each

Sunday, February 21: 8:30 am - 11:15 am (Pacific Standard Time)


Each speaker will speak independently for approximately one hour.


richard-greene-300-22570.1541904675.jpgRichard Greene






monique-guilde-424x565.jpgMonique Guild, CEO, and Founder of Intuitive Business Enterprises Inc. is one of the most significant global leaders in Turnaround and Development Strategy. As a Futurist and Visionary, Guild’s renowned expertise swiftly diagnoses you and your business with precision and uncanny insight, delivering spot-on diagnoses.

Guild’s expertise defines how to help individuals and companies to stop hemorrhaging cash and swiftly generate income.

Guild’s sixth sense has garnered her access to some of the most prestigious organizations and industries in the world.

Guild’s expertise landed her on the cover of the METRO section of The Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, KTLA, numerous radio, and television shows. 


gail-thackray-300-bc-52991.1542907099.jpgGail Thackray is a regular at Conscious Life Expo and many of you have loved her workshops on spiritual subjects such as Developing Your Intuition, Spiritual Healing and Manifesting Abundance. Gail has surprised us all with her latest book revealing her former life as a mega business mogul at the launch of the adult Internet. Gail’s message is to help people realize that they can be successful and sexy and enjoy material things and at the same time lead an empowered spiritual life.  Gail will also be on the Ascension: Into the 5th Dimension theme segment on Saturday, February 20: 8am - 12:00 pm (PST).