Tracey Ash: Lecture

Tracey Ash: Lecture
Free Lecture
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Earth Grid and Power-Sites

Friday, February 7th -- 8pm - 8:45pm -- Room: Century D


When we are trained and awakened to the quantum technologies of our sacred earth reality and time is revolutionised. Primary earth-chakras, monuments & gateways impact recalibration and ascension.  During immense evolutionary meltdown SAVING humanity is found in restoring these sacred gateways.  Access cosmic intelligence and contact ancient & future ones and timelines beyond False Matrix frequency walls are smashed.

Tracey Ash is Co-Founder of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School. A spiritual, ascension and revolution activist working in highest caliber meta-physics. Ancient sites go live. Contact is commonplace.  Appearances include Quantum Conversations, Fade2Black, Cosmic Switch Board. Her work has taken her to The United Nations.  Come and visit Tracey Ash in booth #514 in the Grand Hallway.