Theresa Bullard Sept. 2021 - Conscious Life Expo
Theresa Bullard

Theresa Bullard - Unlocking Your Quantum Potential

Saturday 18, September, 2021 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm BST



Learn a deeper universal truth about who we are and our spiritual connection with the universe. From the sub-atomic to the cosmic we are multidimensional beings of vast potential, but we need a way to gain access into the quantum realm. Dr. Theresa reveals the key principles that govern all quantum phenomena and how we can apply them to our lives. She also weaves this together with ancient metaphysical wisdom to bridge science and spirit. In this workshop you will discover the secret to establishing a quantum coherent state to unlock your greater potential and manifest the life you desire.

Dr. Theresa Bullard is the host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV, a Ph.D. Physicist, and teacher for the Modern Mystery School. She expertly bridges science and spirituality with practical methods for helping us tap into our innate human potential. For more information go to