Susana Puelles Sept. 2021 - Conscious Life Expo
Susana Puelles Sept. 2021
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this workshop.
Susana Puelles
Detox for Natural Immunity

Saturday, September 18, 2021 - 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm - Los Angeles Ballroom

If you are ready to find out how to really optimize immunity and start healing mystery diseases, then it’s time to move beyond the current mainstream media’s health paradigm. No matter how “healthy” you eat or what supplements are sitting on your shelf, you cannot achieve optimal immunity unless you understand what the body is really up against! In this workshop, you will discover:


* What factors are really damaging your DNA & immunity
* How to reduce your toxin & viral load to naturally start achieving longevity
* What “healthy” foods are lurking in your kitchen that are actually contributing to imbalances
* Why detoxification is more important than nutrition
* Top herbal elixirs to optimize immune health


Susana Puelles, is a physician of Asian and functional medicine, herbal connoisseur and acupuncturist. She helps women overcome hormonal & womb imbalances, free from medications and surgery, boosting their chances at a safe, natural pregnancy, without giving up carbs or chocolate.


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