Parasychology & Human Potential Segment - Conscious Life Expo
Parasychology & Human Potential Segment

Parapsychology & Human Potential

Friday 17, September, 2021 - 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm - BST



Precognition often conjures up flashes of insight regarding a potential future event. Whilst such events may be widely reported they often are extremely difficult to test empirically.

However, research focusing on what are called ‘Retroactive Priming’ effects: which refers to the notion that something you do or see in the future can influence your behaviour in the here and now, has produced some suggestive and controversial findings.

Such findings would seem to imply that things you see in the future may influence how you behave now. In this session Dr Vernon will present and discuss some of his research exploring such effects. 


callum-170.jpgDr Cal Cooper is a researcher at the University of Northampton, UK and Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He has received many awards and recognitions for his work in parapsychology and sceptical activism, including the Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship (Parapsychology Foundation) and the PURE Diamond Research Award for Public/Industry Engagement (University of Northampton). He is a professional member of the Parapsychological Association and sits on the Council of the Society for Psychical Research. He research focus and interests are in death and loss, positive psychology and parapsychology. He is also the author of several books on unusual experiences including ‘Telephone Calls from the Dead’ and ‘Paracoustics’.



chris-roe-17.jpgChris Roe is Professor of Psychology at the University of Northampton, UK, and is Director of the Centre for the Psychology and Social Sciences that is based there. He is the International Affiliate for England of the Parapsychology Foundation and is a Vice-President of the Society for Psychical Research. Chris served as the Perrott-Warrick Senior Researcher (2015-2021), Chair of the British Psychological Society Transpersonal Psychology Section (2015-2018), President of the Parapsychological Association (2015-2017), and as President of the SPR (2018-2021). His research interests are around understanding the nature of anomalous experiences and includes research on the phenomenology of paranormal experience, particularly as it affects wellbeing, the psychology of paranormal belief and of deception, as well as experimental approaches to test claims for extrasensory perception and psychokinesis, particularly where they involve psychological factors.


vernon-170.jpgDr David Vernon is a Psychologist, Researcher and author of the books ‘Dark Cognition: Evidence for psi and its implications for consciousness’, and ‘Human Potential: Exploring techniques used to enhance human performance’. As an active member of the Society for Psychical Research, and the Parapsychological Association, his published research includes articles on morphic resonance, telepathy, precognition, energy healing as well as biofeedback techniques and creative problem solving.