Ocean Sky 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Ocean Sky 2023
Free Workshop 2023
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Ocean Sky 2023
Love Connection & Numerology
Friday February 10th | 2:00pm - 3:30pm | Room: Plaza

Love Connection and Sacred Numerology

To attract love, you need to be love! I will invite you to connect with your Heart Chakra and align with your true being. I will share 8 secrets of successful relationships and compatibility based on numerology. Overcome past relationship traumas and heal with the keys of the self-love and breakup clearing techniques. Discover numerological codes to unlock your hidden potential for your success, happiness, relationships compatibility and connecting with your true self. Sacred Numerology, inner fulfillment, the Power of Surrender. Let’s raise your vibrations and promote Higher Consciousness & Awareness. We will do some angelic intuitive readings and download the success codes.I’m going to Awaken the Divine Goddess/God in YOU and Activate your Secret Powers if you are ready for your transformation to begin!

Transformational Life Coach, Numerologist, Mystic, Vedic Astrologist, Healer, Intuitive, with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Ocean Sky holds workshops all over the world, inspiring thousands. Her goal is to guide you to find true happiness within. Founder of happiness is our choice movement.