Michael Beckwith Sept. 2021 - Conscious Life Expo
Michael Beckwith Sept. 2021

Michael Beckwith
Planet Is Conscious, Are You?

Friday, September 17, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm - La Jolla Ballroom

 During the Opening Keynote presentation of the September 2021 Conscious Life Expo, Michael Bernard Beckwith invites everyone into the dynamic feeling tone of unconditional love.

 Beckwith reminds us that we are not here to acquire material possessions outside ourselves to be happy.  As we break the seductive spell of the external world, we realize that we have incarnated onto the planet with everything we have hoped for, desired, and wanted –  it is all within ourselves.  He encourages us to allow all that is loaded and coded within us to come forward and express itself … and he recalls for us that all that is needed is an availability, a receptivity, and a willingness to become more and never less than our true selves – we only need to embrace the reality that is at the center of our beings.

 Join Michael Bernard Beckwith as you step with him into the feeling tone of abundance, of joy, and harmony opening onto the planet today.  Mother Earth is vibrating at an all-time high. In order to maintain a symbiotic relationship with her, we must raise our own vibrational frequency.  Now is the time and we are the people.


Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center,  a trans-denominational community based in Los  Angeles, comprised of thousands of local members and global livestreamers.  

 Widely recognized for his teachings on the science of inner transformation and unity, Dr. Beckwith embraces a practical approach to spirituality utilizing meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life Visioningtm, a spiritual technology he developed for conscious evolution, authentic living, and living your life purpose.  These practices teach us to take the experience of inner peace and awakened awareness into our everyday lives.