Manifesting Your Soul Purpose Theme - Conscious Life Expo
Manifesting Your Soul Purpose Theme

Manifesting Your Soul Purpose
Special Theme Segement

Saturday 18, September, 2021 - 9:00 am to 11:30 am - BST



Are you looking for the joy and satisfaction that comes from aligning you heart, lifestyle and work with you soul purpose. The presenters will help you explore what that might be for you and tools for your journey towards manifesting this.



Anne Jirsch is a professional futurist with a large worldwide following. Her clients include heads of industry, politicians, and celebrities. She is the best-selling author of five books, including her latest, Future Vision Your Working Life.
She has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows and travels extensively with her sell-out workshops and seminars.

DISCOVER YOUR FUTURE GENIUS IDEA ~ Imagine mind travelling into the future to discover your own genius idea. I’m sure you have many ideas, probably too many. But you need to know which will be the game changer. Most people dabble or juggle too many different things. The successful ones focus on the big picture.



Tracey Ash is a British, international metaPhysics specialist since 1999. A visionary activist of New Era Spirituality,, original-thought and ethics for social impact.. Creator of The Ark Magazine,  Ash lives in Egypt. The Ark Retreat is opposite Abusir Pyramids. The Ark’s sister-project is Habu Hotel EcoLodge.

The New Spirituality Era ~Ash shares a reality revolution in sacred initiations and quantum gateways. A new paradigm of spiritual and emotional intelligence to transform wound and karmic response. Tracey will share wisdom and ethics in solving inequality, pain, suffering by initiating a dream of sacred existence and service.The current spiritual paradigm has been failing spiritual seekers for some time.  Sacred Destiny & Time, Health Protection: Matrix Anarchy & Detox, Trauma & Programs: WoundWeave, Spirituality Ethics Reset.


fab-giovanetti-300x400.jpg Fab Giovanetti is a writer and marketing consultant. She helps solo workers and business owners grow their online audience, monetize their content and unleash their potential as creatives. She is founder of the Creative Impact Group. Find out more at and on Instagram @CreativeImpactCo

Reclaim Your Life: Balancing Working & Living From Home ~ What does work-life balance actually look like? This workshop offers practical steps to managing remote and flexible work coexisting in the same space as life. In the current working landscape, we work really hard.On average, over 60 hours per week. “Burnout” is a ubiquitous buzzword. Being overly busy is a badge of honour. This workshop uncovers how “busyness” can impact negatively on creativity. We need to relearn the art of being bored. Down time is an essential part of productivity and a vital component in good health and wellbeing. This workshop will help show you how to protect it.