Mabel Katz Sept. 2021 - Conscious Life Expo
Mabel Katz Sept. 2021
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Mabel Katz: Discover Your Purpose with Zero Frequency - Based on Ho'oponopono

Sunday, September 19, 2021 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm - Los Angeles Ballroom

Access Zero Frequency® (the state where you are authentically yourself) so that you can become one with Inspiration and the Universe. Identify your true identity, including your personality’s hidden gifts and talents. Uncover the secrets to generating peace and happiness with yourself (and the world around you) while also improving relationships and welcoming abundance.


Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and seminar leader who is recognized as a leading authority on Hooponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art and practice for achieving greater clarity of purpose and living and working more effectively. She has crafted a series of keynotes, talks, and seminars for corporations, businesses, and individuals including seminars for children that apply the practices of Hooponopono to bring companies closer to their full potential and give people an edge at work and in all areas of life.


Based on using forgiveness and gratitude, her presentations focus on practical ways for reaching what she calls Zero Frequency®, a state where we are free of restrictive memories and limiting self-talk. From the clarity of Zero, outstanding solutions become apparent and excellent choices can be made.


Mabel is also rapidly gaining recognition for her work in support of world peace. Honored with the prestigious 2012 Mil Milenious de Paz Peace Flag, acknowledging her world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, she was officially recognized as one of the worlds pre-eminent Peace Ambassadors and on January 1, 2015, she was awarded the prestigious Public Peace Prize.