Linda Bronn

Linda Bronn
Free Lecture
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Holy Sh#t, Bullsh#t is Sacred!

Sunday, February 9th -- 1pm - 1:45pm -- Room: Century B


Toxic and exhausted from carrying around the bullsh#t life handed her, Linda Bronn finally hit her bottom with an alarming diagnosis of MS. She’s here to share her process of healing that culminates with declaring, “Holy Sh#t” when clarity strikes, as the bullsh#t becomes Sacred and Linda finds herself well.


Linda Bronn is a teacher, entertaining speaker, and Energy Medicine practitioner and teacher at the Deborah King Center. She is dedicated to sharing her healing process of illuminating, igniting, and transforming perception, so that anything can be healed.  Visit Linda Bronn in booth #400 in the International Ballroom.