Judy Jewett

Judy Jewett
Free Lecture
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The Origin of Your DNA

Friday, February 7th -- 5pm - 5:45pm -- Room: Century A


Our DNA is influenced by our ancestral, community and personal beliefs. We can change our DNA and end the karmic cycles of suffering and disease.  Gain an understanding of the secret behind your ancestors & community DNA and your success will alter your reality. Experience firsthand how to access your cells to quickly release energy blocks.

Founder of the REAL™ Healing Method

REAL™ enables a person to communicate directly with their cells and instantaneously releases and heals negative beliefs, imprints and/or patterns.  REAL™ provides a simple but powerful way for adults and children to heal, so, they can feel safe, nurtured & loved without emotional baggage.  Visit Judy Jewett in booth #P28 in the Plaza Ballroom.