Ismael Perez 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Ismael Perez
Free Lecture 2023
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Ismael Perez 2023
Our Cosmic Origin
Saturday February 11th | 1:00pm-1:45pm | Room: Century A

Our Cosmic Origin

As cosmic ambassador and author of the best seller,” Our Cosmic Origin”,  Ismael Perez will discuss the true galactic and stellar origin of humanity.  The history of the Galaxy. He will disclose the existence of the twelve major universes, the organization of cosmos and earths relationship to the multiverse.  The great cosmic experiment known as humanity. Ascension, Solar Flashes, DNA activations, the rise of human 3.0, the coming new earth and the cosmic war against A.I. 

Ismael Perez is a Cosmic Ambassador that represents an intergalactic alliance— known as “The Covenant of Palador.” It is a cosmic treaty that was initiated by the forces of light in the higher dimensions to protect, and guard the Earth from the Draco forces and the A. I. There is a collective known as the animus that he has been battling for over a million years and he can recall this from his past lives. He is regaining his memories of serving in off world programs— from being in a secret branch of the Super-soldier program known for fighting the A. I. throughout the multiverse.  The majority of the starseeds that have volunteered for the call to rescue this planet, including Ismael— have been selected to come here and help. He is one of the inner council members who is here to bring forth the next level of cosmic disclosure that will restore our planet back to its original glory in fulfillment of the galactic prophecies. This information has never been heard of before on this planet.