Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat
Free Lecture
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Finding Peace in a F*#@ed Up World

Friday, February 7th – 4pm - 4:45pm – Room: Century C


We exist in chaotic times. Information overload spreads anxiety, polarization. We need options and to co-create them ourselves. Tofind more inner and outer peace, it’s vital to properly align our worldly engagements, transforming our daily activities into a spiritual practice. Sounds simple? Doing it can be tricky. How do we integrate our spiritual practice with the demands of life?


Acharya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat have been teaching for a combined 60+ years. Their teachings draw on Buddhism, Western Mysteries, contemporary psychology, science, ecology and an international perspective. Resident teachers at the innovative Clear Sky Retreat Center, they have been co-creating conscious community for the last 15 years.  Visit Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat in booth #P20 in the Plaza Ballroom.