Clarice Chan: Sunday

Clarice Chan: Sunday
Free Lecture
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Improve Your Luck and Prosperity

Sunday, February 9th -- 10am - 10:45am -- Room: Century A

We are all part and part of the intricate network of the universe and the biggest challenge is how to align our energy so that we can tap into the rich and positive Chi to improve our lives and living. The millions of cells in our bodies breathe and absorb chi or energy from our environment. When our body's cellular system are in alignment, we will be healthy and at peace. As we are living in a world that is increasingly stressful, unstable, more people are becoming aware of the benefits of applying Feng Shui techniques to help themselves.

Clarice Chan is an International Feng Shui, Numerology and Tarot Master. Since 2015, she has expanded her work globally and she will once again offering mini readings at Booth 455 in the International Ballroom.  Her new publication, “ Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2020" is available online at :