Brian Berman

Brian Berman
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
HOLOS Amulets For Awakening Peace

Saturday, February 8th -- 10am - 10:45am -- Room: Century D


Brian presents a direct simple way to connect with the ever-present peace existing within. In our hectic world many of us live our lives seeking happiness from the outside in - rather than from the inside out.  Come and receive a direct experience of loving kindness, compassion, and peace. HOLOS Amulets rejuvenate and empower our love, peace, and compassionate action.

Meditation teacher since 1970, focusing on “Peace as an inside job.” Brian facilitates Awakening Peace, Compassionate Listening, and Reconciliation programs with his wife Lisa. Brian is an award-winning Artist for Peace. Visit Brian Berman in booth #M14 on the mezzanine level.,