Asil Toksal 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Asil Toksal 2023
Free Workshop 2023
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Asil Toksal 2023
Transmission from Elohim
Friday February 10th | 8:00pm - 9:30pm | Room: Laguna

Personal and Planetary Evolution: Transmission from Elohim

Channeled by Asil Toksal, this wisdom and energy transmission from Elohim is an unconditional gift to humanity to accelerate your personal and planetary evolution. Receive celestial frequencies to nourish the temple of your divine being, activate your pillar of light and align yourself in a community of lightworkers, starseeds and evolutionary catalysts who are collaborating to reshape our reality into its highest potential.

Asil Toksal leads the work of Ascension One, a growing global educational organization and community of spiritual practitioners who are dedicated to evolving their own consciousness as “pillars of light”; a pillar of light is an individual who recognizes that the seed of evolution begins within and cultivates practices of silence and presence to maintain an inner alignment even in the midst of outer challenges in the world. Asil is a trance channel to benevolent energies and wisdom from higher intelligence guides who are helping humanity’s collective evolve during this time of unprecedented change. He has hosted hundreds of spiritual gatherings around the world for both groups and influential leaders to ignite and support their evolutionary impulse towards alignment, presence and silence. Asil provides energetic grid work through expeditions to global sacred sites and sites of global trauma. This program called Sacred Earth acknowledges the consciousness and evolutionary journey of the planet itself and the symbiotic role she plays in contributing energies and assistance for humanity’s evolution. Asil authored the book, Transmission: Awakening in a Time of Transition: Vol. 1, an autobiographical account of his journey as an entrepreneur whose personal quest for meaning unexpectedly led him to becoming a channel for celestial guides. The book contains channeled wisdom from the guides and an urgent message for humanity at this critical time of awakening and transition: there is no time to delay, and the next step in humanity’s evolution begins with the awakening and evolution of each individual.