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Practitioner Panel
Free Lecture
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Practitioner Panel:
Alchemize Your Genetic Destiny

Sunday, February 6th | 1pm-1:45pm | Room: Century D

A panel of health practitioners discussing how DNA testing and epigenetic protocols are making important breakthroughs in identifying and resolving previously untreatable health conditions and improving lives. Learn how to overcome your health challenges and achieve your highest self by integrating and enhancing the wisdom of the universe within you.
Sharyn Wynters is a Naturopath and is the author of “The Pure Cure”.
Vijaya Stern, Ayurvedic Naturopath, CMT is a well-recognized teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda, since 1984. She specializes in Ayurvedic herbal formulations, DNA testing, and is a provider of custom

nutrition from the DNA test.

Melissa Welles Murphy, CNHP, is a Traditional Naturopath and Founder of The American School of Natural Health Sciences.
Kelly Brown, CNHP, is The Happy Holistic, a Traditional Naturopath and Cannabis Educator (“Cannabis Oil Therapy for Cancer and 40 Other Conditions”). (
MODERATOR: Stephanie Lodge is The Hug Angel, a global peace ambassador, Angelic Mystic, Sovereign Life coach, and transformational speaker. She is an ascension advisor through and is the creator of high-frequency online community. Find her on Clubhouse and all social media as