Plandemic 3 Movie First Cut and Panel - The Great Awakening 


The Great Awakening is the third installment of the award winning Plandemic series. The Great Awakening will reveal how the COVID industrial complex was used to advance a century old agenda to weaken and overtake America. For decades, scholars and survivors of totalitarianism have been warning us that America is under attack from within. We didn’t listen. Now here we are.  Our lives and liberties are being consumed by a handful of technocratic tyrants. As we merge into the age of automation, the working class is becoming less useful to those who have placed profit over people. To maintain the control of all nations, all resources, and all people, they must keep the masses distracted, demoralized and dependent. 

The Great Awakening will offer cognitive immunization against the real pandemic - mass hypnosis. No more dark ages. It is time to activate a New Renaissance! 

A Q&A panel of experts will follow the movie.