Patricia Jauchler, MS, RDT/BCT, CT

Patricia Jauchler, MS, RDT/BCT,  CT
Expressive Arts Workshop
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Artful Aging, Artful Grieving

Friday, February 7th - 8:00pm - 10:00pm - San Lorenzo D

 $50 per session  ~  2 Classes get 10% discount  ~  3 or more Classes get 20% discount

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Artful aging can transform our autumn and winter years into a rich, fulfilling experience. In this arts-based workshop, we’ll claim our elderhood creatively, acknowledging losses of past selves and treasured loved ones in a safe, supportive space. We’ll welcome reflections on wisdom acquired through lived experience and envision productive years to come.


Patricia Jauchler, MS, RDT/BCT, CT, is a Registered Drama Therapist, Certified Thanatologist, and End-of-Life Doula. Founder/director of On Bright Wings End of Life Services, she has taught and presented creative workshops on aging, death and dying, and bereavement internationally.