Nicolás Pauccar

Nicolás Pauccar
Free Workshop
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Magical Shamanism and Andean Cosmovision

Sunday, February 9th – 12:00pm - 1:30pm – Marina


The body of the human being is a biological machine that constantly interacts with its environment using different languages, magical shamanism is a method that allows us to solve situations in our life from the magical language, being that in the biological, emotional and / or spiritual.

Nicolás Pauccar is a Q´ero Andean priest from the Misayoc or Paqos lineage. Known as the "Young Teacher" and "Walking Museum" of the Q´ero Community, he resides in Cuzco, Peru; renowned shaman, international speaker, healer and Andean Oracle.

Nicolás travels tirelessly with the purpose of participating in the awakening of the consciousness of human beings living in these times of the dawning of a New Era. He works as Hampeq and Pampamisayuc allowing him to be a Spiritual Guide and Physical and Emotional Healer. He leads people on Mystical journeys to the most sacred power spots in Peru. He is an International Speaker on Ancestral culture issues.

He is the protagonist of the Human film (, Author of This is How the Q'ero Speaks  and The Last Mountain
This workshop will in Spanish and translated by an interpreter.