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Neil Gaur
Free Workshop 2023
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Neil Gaur 2023
Truth,Life & Times of Pythagoras
Friday February 10th | 6:00pm-7:30pm | Room: Marina

 Truth, Life and Times of Pythagoras

Join Neil Gaur for an in depth exploration on the life of Pythagoras. We will explore the mysticism behind his teachings, what he knew and discovered about sound frequency; as well as, his initiation into the Egyptian Mystery schools. Who really was this person and the culture of the years he lived in. We have heard so much within the consciousness world and mainstream about Pythagoras' accomplishments, so let's dive deep into the man, the myth and the journey he embarked upon that created such a huge impact in the world. What did he teach at his University and what was his philosophy on life and the cosmos. This is an unprecedented deep dive that will be sure to expand your consciousness and understanding of the history of humanity.

Neil Gaur, philosopher, historian, researcher and spoken word artist. He presents on the historical awareness and science of vibration; he also explores ancient civilizations, shedding light on hidden esoteric wisdom and exploring ways in which we can create harmony on Earth.