Napoleon Torkum Book Awards 2023


CODE 0010110


CODE 0010110

This 0010110 books is a raw stream of consciousness writing exercise using the code 0010110. The proper application of code 0010110 is said according to internet folklore and appliers if the code 0010110 to open the door for the human brain to achieve telepathic connection to the “New internet” now remembered by humanity using application of code 0010110 to remember natural brain abilities well understood by the ancient ancestors of humanity. Code 0010110 is spoken, written, entered into the internet, and used as a tag for cyberspace users to connect to the decentralized 0010110 community across all arenas of the information superhighway. 

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Dr. Napoleon Torkom PHD’s 0010110 books represent an interpretation of Unnamed Philosopher 1999’s “0010110 Journals” that detail the importance of 0010110 (As a word and a symbol) in the digital age. The symbol 0010110 has gathered worldwide popularity throughout cyberspace as it is a unifying welcome point for all ideas and contemplations if life in the early 21st century. The code is 0010110 Not 1101001.