Minh Clare 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Minh Clare 2023
Free Workshop 2023
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Minh Clare 2023
KALI Kundalini Activation
Sunday February 12th | 12:00pm - 1:30pm | Room: Marina

KALI Kundalini Activation Light Integration

Have you ever wondered how to access higher states of consciousness through activating your kundalini or life force energy? Come experience Minh Clare’s unique modality to directly activate kundalini energy! You will have a chance to experience this modality, KALI (Kundalini Activation & Light Integration), as Minh will select several clients to experience this powerful transfer of energy. In addition, special guest, Dr. Brooke Roberts of Adi Shakti, cognitive neuroscientist & yogi, will guide us on a journey of sound, movement, and breath to activate this power within. We all have the power within us to transform and expand! Experience how these spiritual technologies can awaken and integrate all aspects of your being and guide you to your highest potential!

Minh Clare is an energy therapist, intuitive and coach. She helps people to go from just surviving life to thriving and living their most amazing life! She is the founder of LEI Luminous Energy Institute and KALI Energy Therapy.