Melinda Malone Book Awards 2023


Off My Chest


Off My Chest

A Memoir

A breast cancer memoir unlike any other; a story of healing so incredible no Hollywood writer would dare dream it. Off My Chest is a book that will urge you to ponder the miracle of life and blow the doors wide open to your soul! At the age of forty-one, after breast implant surgery, Melinda Malone was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer. One day she was a Chicago mother of three young girls―the next she was a cancer patient, battling moment by moment to survive. Uplifting and brave, Off My Chest will move you to seek and find the divine path for your own life, just as it moves you to tears.  Join Melinda on this personal journey of healing.

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Melinda Malone is the best selling author of Off My Chest, inspirational speaker, energy medicine practitioner and grad teacher at the Deborah King Center.