Maureen St. Germain 2021

Maureen St. Germain 2021
Keynote Speaker
The Ascension Tool MerKaBa



You've heard about the MerKaBa from many speakers and how important it is. In this talk you will learn of its true nature, why it's important, and how you can access its power.  You will learn to do the 5D MerKaBa in this class and take home a guided meditation of "how to do it" so you may continue your practice. Maureen St. Germain has traveled the world teaching about the MerKaBa since 1995. This is an important opportunity to grow your ascension tools.


Maureen will also be on the Ascension: Into the 5th Dimension theme segment, Saturday, February 20, 8:00 am -12:45 pm.   As part of this theme segment, Maureen will be present a 70 minute talk from 9:10 am - 10:20 am PST   



Maureen St. Germain is The Practical Mystic, Akashic Records International Founder and author of Award-winning books. Named “Book of the Year” in 2020, Opening the Akashic Records, and her Waking Up in 5D, voted best-selling book in America by Independent retailers and winner of the Bronze COVR award in 2018. She teaches ascension awareness tools globally to produce empowerment and transformation. Since 1994 she has traveled and taught meditation, sacred geometry and manifestation in 24 countries. She produces Sacred Journeys and the Ascension Institute a year-long training. Her books have been translated into eleven languages included Italian, Chinese and Russian.


Author of Opening your Akashic Records, Winner of  COVR Gold 2020 Book of the Year;  & Winner of Gold in Contemporary Spirituality Books; 

Waking Up in 5D, Voted #1 Best Selling book of the year by Independent Retailers as reported in Retailing Insight & Winner of COVR Bronze

Founder of Akashic Records International

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