Matthew Aaron Mournian

Matthew Aaron Mournian
Free Lecture
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Multidimensional Energetic Briefing and Activation

Friday, February 7th -- 2pm - 2:45pm -- Room: Century D


Come receive a truly unique briefing on the current status of Multidimensional ascension energies activating in the human body. We will be discussing what you need to know about body changes in 4th density, intuitive activation, and the phenomenon of negative energetic manifestations such as implantation and parasitic entity attachment.

Matthew Aaron Mournian is a Multidimensional Energetic Healer and Intuitive reader specializing in the clearing of negative energetic manifestations from the human body. His mission is to assist in the awakening of our inherent Multidimensionality.  Visit Matthew Mournian in booth #T6 in the Plaza Lobby.