Maria Shapley 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Maria Shapley 2023
Free Workshop 2023
A Sunday Day Pass is Required to Attend this Free Workshop
Maria Shapley 2023
Actualize Your Dreams
Sunday February 12th | 12:00pm - 1:30pm | Room: Plaza

Actualize Your Dreams Through Intuition

Everything is energy, the thoughts we think, the words we say and feel create an energy which has an impact on our lives. If something in your life isn’t showing up the way you want it to, it’s because somewhere in your life you picked up a false story or emotion that blocked the flow in your energy of creation. In this workshop you are going to learn how to clear the energy that keeps you stuck so you can attract more abundance in all areas of your life and open up more to one of your greatest gifts, which is your intuition. 

Maria Shapley is an Intuitive Life Coach with a background in Acting, Fitness and Shamanic Psychology. She helps people actualize their dreams and acquire vitality by clearing up unconscious energetic blocks and heal trauma.