Magick and Mystery Panel 2022 - Conscious Life Expo
Magick and Mystery Panel 2022

A Saturday Day Pass is Required to attend this Panel.
Magick Panel
Magick and Mystery
Saturday, February 5, 2022 -5:00pm-7:00pm Room:Plaza Ballroom
$10.00 In Advance $15.00 At the Door

Magick and Mystery

The action of a higher dimensional force on a lower dimension? Through the portals of Ascension, Healing, and Prayer the higher forces enter into the ordinary reality.  Discover these doorways for yourself.  Also discover the ethical challenges of magic.

Share your experience with us.



(Moderator) Susan Slaughter is a paranormal investigator whose investigative works can be seen on series like Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International, The Dark Zone TV, and Travel Channel’s Paranormal Caught on Camera. In her 16 years of investigating supernatural phenomena world wide in over 30 countries, she has investigated all sorts of historical locations from ancient Incan and Mayan temples, hidden tunnels and crypts from The Knight’s Templar, medieval castles, Spanish fortresses, and old colonial plantations. Through her research, Slaughter has developed a keen understanding of death and the spirit realm through a culturally inclusive lens. 




Conjure Queen is an international Public Speaker, Spiritual Advisor, and Mentor. With her controversial discussions, compassion for her community, and carefree down to earth Brooklyn attitude, people naturally gravitated towards her message and her YouTube channel exploded! Today, she integrates her own spiritual journey and life experiences to help inspire, motivate, and educate millions of people around the world!




Travis McHenry is one of the foremost occultists of the modern era. He is the author of the Occult Tarot, the Angel Tarot, and the Vlad Dracula Tarot.




Tracee Dunblazier GC-C, is an LA.-based spiritual empath, shaman, and 20-time national award-winning author, and President of the Coalition of Visionary Resources—trade organization for the Mind, Body, Spirit Industry—Tracee manages the COVR Visionary Awards, educational opportunities for MBS businesses.




Hanna Lena is an Astrologer, Rebirth Coach and Sourceress, guiding souls to channel from Source, astral travel and birth their dreams into reality with less stress and more flow. She is the author of the Moon Magick Manifestation Planner, the Moon Magick Integration Journal as well as the soon to be published Astral Travel Logbook




Cher Jolyne is the founder of Daughters of RA, Shamanic Fitness & GLOW UP!!! a Youth Program. In her body of work, she summarizes herself as a "metaphysical midwife" holding space for others to birth themselves into their highest timeline, connected to their purpose and thriving in sharing their gifts.




Isabella Phillips has been working in this amazing world of witchcraft and magic helping people create and design their ideal lives and relationships!