Leslie Anne

 Leslie Anne
Free Workshop
This Workshop Requires a Day Pass
Past Life Regression Guided Meditation

Saturday, February 8th – 2:00pm - 3:30pm – Newport B


Join Leslie Anne as she walks you through an elaborate series of 3 guided meditations, beginning with grounding yourself, and protecting your personal space. From there you will be led into a series of three different past life regressions where you will have the opportunity to see where you were, who you were, what took place, and how that life resonates with the person you are today.


Leslie Anne is an all-encompassing, passionate and gifted psychic, medium, channel, empath and wellness intuitive with a clear and powerful connection to spirit. She translates messages with profound clarity from those who have crossed over with a compassionate and gentle demeanor, making her a uniquely approachable communicator.

Visit Leslie Anne in her Booth #94 in the International Ballroom