Laurie Wheeler Book Awards 2023


Oh No!  Not Another Learning Experiencer


Oh No! Not Another Learning Experiencer:

A Metamorphosis

It's not easy being green...Have you ever felt you were meant for more, felt out of place, or wondered who you are? From a mysterious tree in NY which connects her abilities, this book is drawn from the author’s personal and professional experiences and expounds on intuition, trust, and wisdom, helping the reader to answer two most important questions, who am I and what is my purpose? This is a true metamorphosis of the soul.

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Laurie D. Wheeler, a Starseed and transformational holistic practitioner, homeopath, psychic, channel, hypnotic-regression, medical intuit, shamanic practitioner, receptor and translator of energy, helping to fully remember our divine being through the disintegration of what no longer serves, moving into a heart-centered perspective and becoming infused with the light of wisdom.