Laara Book Awards 2023


The Little Book of Light Codes


The Little Book of Light Codes: Healing Symbols of Light

“The next A Course in Miracles!” In this international bestseller, Laara has channeled the ultimate guide to awakening and ascension. Discover a series of 52 universal healing Codes of Light and their messages, designed to assist and uplift humanity.  These Light Codes offer access to gentle and powerful energies which can activate healing on all levels of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. This special book has been called “the miracle we’ve been waiting for”. 

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Laara is a spiritual mentor, channel, healer and international bestselling author and speaker. She holds a Masters in Natural Theology in Sacred Healing, Master of Healing Arts, and is the developer of profound meditative healing modality, Fractalline Healing™. Through her YouTube videos and one-on-one sessions, Laara assists seekers worldwide in aligning to their highest potential.