Kimberly Meredith Free Lecture

 Kimberly Meredith Free Lecture
Free Lecture
A Day Pass is required to attend this Lecture
Receiving the Healing Miracles

Saturday, February 23 - - - 4:00PM TO 4:45PM - - - Century C

Through her mediumship healing abilities, Kimberly receives coded messages through her blinking eyes as she signs and speaks in etheric Angelic Language. Kimberly receives and reveals special Messages from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Advanced Civilizations.  Kimberly will be Divinely Guided by the Holy Spirit into the audience to select several individuals for a medical intuitive scan, revealing many diseases, emotional traumas, unusual conditions, past and present, followed by laying-on of hands and/or psychic surgery. Spirit will select individuals to join Kimberly on stage to assist her in laying-on hands. By praying for others, and witnessing their healings, you too can be healed.

This is truly a Miraculous Healing Event where everyone can be healed in the 5th Dimension.


Kimberly Meredith is a medical intuitive, trance channeler, psychic surgeon, hands-on healer, and spiritual teacher. Kimberly channels messages through her eyes, blinking codes as a tool of communication from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and Angels. After Kimberly’s near death experience, she underwent numerous tests including with PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility and with Dr. Norm C Shealy and the results confirmed her ability to emit scalar energy even through walls. Kimberly has been featured in numerous major publications, and is hosting her own nationally-syndicated radio show on KCAA called The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show.

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Visit Kimberly in her Booth #M15, upstairs on the Mezzanine