Keith Seland 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Keith Seland
Free Lecture 2023
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Keith Seland 2023
The Humaniverse Guide
Saturday February 11th | 3:00pm-3:45pm | Room: Century B

 The Humaniverse Guide:

Will ET Talk With Us?

Keith discusses his new book, The Humaniverse Guide®: Will ET Talk With Us? Our approach to begin planning for all that could happen after "first contact". Keith outlines our civilizations’ existential need for immediate action, to introduce a long-term project agenda and relationship proposal with ET.  He will discuss his journey with the Angels and NDE as a small child, and allow time for questions to deepen your understanding and connection with your personal guardian angels.




Keith Seland brings 13 years of ufology research into his projects. These include three books in The Humaniverse Guide series, his Facebook page: The Humaniverse, and his website;