Kasey and Brad Wallis: Sunday

Kasey and Brad Wallis: Sunday
Free Lecture
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
The Judgement You Cannot See

Sunday, February 9th -- 10am - 10:45am -- Room: Century C

We will be discussing mastering the components of removing judgement. This exciting lecture does not just focus on negativity, it's energies balance and restore our inner being.this lecture clears the way to higher consciousness states. Julius will provide an activation to assist in dislodging judgement from your consciousness field.

Kasey and Brad Wallis channel a teaching group who have been human themselves. They are known as Julius.  Together they are teaching humans about the human experience.  They can be found on the with television programming, and at   Come and visit Kasey and Brad in booth #450 in the International Ballroom.