Kasey and Brad Wallis: Monday

Kasey and Brad Wallis: Monday
Post Conference
The Triad of Conscious Mastery

Monday, February 10th -- 11:00am - 1:30pm -- Room: Century D


7 levels of consciousness, 7 energy frequency bands, 7 embodiments complete the human body. These are a unified process of Consciousness. Come and experience information about your Conscious journey that you have never received before. Julius will be providing comprehensive detailed information on how to advance your consciousness to elevate all your limitations and ascend off of this realm of existence.Join us as we give an activation and priceless information never before heard on this subject matters.

Kasey and Brad Wallis channel a teaching group known as Julius. Julius has been human themselves and understand what being human is all about. They teach empowerment with no requirement. You can watch their programming on or visit their website at