Julie Loar Book Awards 2023


Symbol and Synchronicity


Symbol and Synchronicity: Learning the Soul's Language in Dreams and Waking Life

Symbol & Synchronicity powerfully integrates ancient wisdom, modern scientific discoveries, and practical instruction, including Seven Steps in Dreamwork, for the next level in dream interpretation. Easily remove the invisible blindfold that has kept you from receiving messages, clues, and signs. A tour-de-force and highly lauded esoteric work. This highly readable book integrates material from the wisdom traditions of ancient Egypt, the Dream Temples of Greece, and the archetypal work of Carl Jung. Seven major international awards. 

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Julie Loar has a degree in Psychology, is a graduate of the B.O.T.A Mystery School, a sought-after radio guest, speaker, and workshop leader, the award-winning co-creator of the popular game, Quintangled, and acclaimed author of many books and articles. Her popular astrology column appeared for two decades in Atlantis Rising.