Julie Loar 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Julie Loar
Free Lecture 2023
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Julie Loar 2023
Seven Steps in Dreamwork
Saturday February 11th | 10:00am-10:45am | Room: Century A

 Seven Steps in Dreamwork

Drawing from her latest book, Symbol & Synchronicity: Leaning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life, Julie Loar will explore the magic, power, and practical work of dreams. She will explain her Seven Steps in Dreamwork© process, which was revealed through a powerful dream. Julie will share information from the leading edge of sleep and dream research, quantum physics and consciousness, showing how dream work shines light on our spiritual path and waking life.


Winner of the Nautilus Book Awards, Julie Loar is the author of Symbol & Synchronicity: Learning the Soul's Language in Dreams and Waking Life.