Julia Mossbridge

Julia Mossbridge
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Decoding The Premonition Code

Saturday, February 23rd – 2:00pm - 3:30pm – Los Angeles B

Receiving accurate information about future events is neither unscientific or uncommon. In this facilitated workshop and reading, you'll learn how and why you might want to become a "Positive Precog" – someone who uses controlled precognition to help the world. You'll hear compelling examples of the extraordinary experiences documented in Premonition Code, and Dr. Mossbridge will outline the scientific evidence for precognition, discuss the nature of time, and do a few simple exercises to help hone and control your precognitive skills.

Julia Mossbridge MA, PhD is a futurist trained in cognitive neuroscience. She is a Fellow at IONS and a Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University. Dr. Mossbridge is the co-author of Transcendent Mind, published by the APA in 2017. Her research focuses are precognition, the possibility of time travel, and how artificial intelligence can convey unconditional love.