Judy Jewett

Judy Jewett
Free Lecture
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The Origin of DNA - What Every Conscious Parent Should Know

Friday, February 7th -- 5pm - 5:45pm -- Room: Century A


All parents want to know how to empower their children.  Most parents do not know how to empower themselves.  A large part of your life is on autopilot.  Families are trapped in generational limiting beliefs that result in wasted time, money and energy.  Gain an understanding of the secret behind your ancestral, community & personal DNA.  Your success will alter your reality.  We can end the karmic cycles of suffering & disease for our children.

Judy Jewett is a Spiritual Teacher and an Intuitive Life Coach for women and families who want to overcome the challenges and trauma they inherit from their parents/ancestors and empower their children for generations to come.  Visit Judy Jewett in booth #P28 in the Plaza Ballroom.